Travel Insurance- Process and Timelines

How to purchase travel insurance on

  1. Visit the Travel page and select the type of travel health insurance you wish to purchase i. e. individual single trip, family floater single trip, multi trip or annual or student travel.
  2. Click on calculate premium or compare plans link, which would take you to the travel insurance premium calculator page. Here, punch in the details in the designated fields and click on submit. All the available travel insurance plans offered by Indian insurers, as per your specified criteria, would be displayed with an option to view and compare selected plans. Premium including taxes, Plan benefits, policy wording and refund/cancellation policy of the respective insurer are available against each plan. Also the type of policy is mentioned based on the time taken to process and issue the policy document as per insurance company guidelines and criteria.

    • There are three types of policies:
    • Instant policy: The policy is emailed to you as soon as the payment goes through.
    • E policy: The policy is emailed to you within 15 to 30 minutes of business hours after making payment.
    • Paper policy: 1 to 3 working days depending upon receipt of filled proposal form from insured, and payment by selected mode.
  3. Once you have compared and finalized the plan, you can click on buy now icon against that travel insurance plan; this would take you to an online proposal form. Fill the requisite details, select the mode of payment and click on submit. If you have selected an online mode of payment such as payment by card or net banking, you will be directed to the insurer's payment gateway where you can pay and get instant policy in email. If you choose to pay by NEFT (where available), please provide us the payment details once you have done so and the policy shall be delivered in your email within 15-30 minutes of confirmation of payment. In case of plans where proposal form is required, once we have received the filled proposal form(hard copy or scanned), received approval for the same from the insurance company and payment confirmed, your policy shall be emailed to you, within 1-3 business days

    A hard copy of the policy if requested shall be sent through courier or speed post at your postal address and should reach you within 3-5 business days.

Endorsements or Changes in policies

In case any amendments are required in the policy document such as correction in personal details, change in travel dates, etc you can put in a service request using the link given below requesting for the same

Click here to raise a service request

We will revert to your service request within 48 business hours and depending on the nature of endorsement, resolve it as soon as possible.

For cancellation and refund policy, please refer the policy wording of respective insurer (available on our website against each plan). Please note that the refund, if any, is processed and dispersed by the insurance company. We, however, guide and assist you through the process and expedite for early processing of refund.

Collection of renewal premiums and remittance to insurers

You may have to extend your stay overseas due to some reason; in that case, you may wish to extend your travel insurance for that period (if permitted in your travel insurance plan). Or you may wish to renew your annual multi trip policy. We email renewal reminders to you at least 15 days prior to the expiry of policy along with requisite extension request form/ good health declaration form. You can make online payment once your extension request has been approved, through card/ net banking/ NEFT. Once your payment is received, extended travel insurance document shall be emailed to you. This takes 1-5 days and varies from one insurance company to another.

Settlement and Payment of claims

We provide you all possible assistance for settlement and payment of claims by the insurer. Our claim assistance page gives you the necessary information like timelines in which to file the claim and documents required to links to the claim intimation pages of insurers' websites. Apart from that, if required, we can help you resolve claim related issues with constant follow-up with insurance companies.

In case of a dispute, grievance mechanism details are also available on our website.

You must understand that the claim is processed and dispersed at the insurer's end. We however are there to guide you through the process.

Click here for claim assistance

Please refer to the FAQ section for any specific questions you may have:

Click here for travel faq

Or get in touch with us using the link below:

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