Special Insurance Plans are available for individuals with -Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

There are health insurance plans available which cover any complications of Type2 Diabetes Mellitus from day one and also provide coverage for regular ailments. All other benefits of a regular health plan are also a part of the comprehensive cover.

Cardiac Ailments (Specified in the policy)

Any person aged between 10 years and 65 years and who has undergone for the first time PTCA (Stenting) or CABG (By-pass) within 4 years prior to the date of policy purchase can take this insurance.

Cardiac ailments are covered after 90 days. It covers any cardiac related complications necessitating surgery / intervention and some plans also provide cardiac medical management .


A special policy is available which aims to extend a protective arm to socially isolated persons often disowned by their family members ,reaching insurance where it is most needed. This HIV Insurance policy fills the gap where all other policies and insurers treat HIV as exclusion.

For the first time in India, governmental agencies, NGOs and registered societies serving persons diagnosed as HIV positive can propose their members/beneficiaries for this insurance.

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